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ACW UtilityToken (BEP-20)

ACW Token will provide benefits for it's holders such as 50% less withdrawal fees, rewards and exclusive access to our NFT Collection.
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ACW Utility Token
ACW Military Grade Security

Military Grade Security

Secure your assets with Private Keys,
Mnemonic Phrases, 2-Factor Authentication, and more.
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Our Team

Meet the people behind the product. ACW team is a close knit group of people working towards the same goal in the DeFi space.

Petar Young CEO
Petar Young
  • 10+ years in Business
  • Vas experience in B2C & B2B related projects
  • Computer Engineer & Crypto Fanatic
John Rodgers CTO
John Rodgers
  • 8+ years in DevOps
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Cross Platform, Dapps, APIs & Fullstack Developer
Amy Parker CMO
Amy Parker
  • 10+ years in Digital Marketing
  • Master in UX & Analytics
  • Cryptocurrency Expert

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