ACW BEP-20 Utility Token

ACW is our utility token which is acting like a fuel to our wallet
Voting and Rewards are just the begging of our development.

Benefits of holding $ACW

ACW Governance Benefit
ACW Holders can influence decisions on future ACW updates.
ACW Fees Benefit
Using ACW in will lower any crypto swap fees with 50%.
ACW NFTs Purchases
NFTs Purchases
ACW Users will be able to purchase NFTs using ACW Tokens.

Tokenomics & Distribution

The roadmap focuses on the development of the technology,
operations infrastructure, new partnerships nad marketing initiatives.

Token name: ACW Token
Ticker Symbol: ACW
Decimals: 8
Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
Token Platform: BNB BSC
Token Standard: BEP-20
Distribution of $ACW
  • 20% Towards user acquisition;
  • 15% Distribute to ACW Community;
  • 15% Allocated to Developers;
  • 10% Staking;
  • 10% Marketing, Airdrop;
  • 30% Held in Reserve;